Here are some common questions about Delhi Portrait.


Is my photo good enough to use?

If you followed our photo guidelines, then yes your photo is very likely good enough to use.
• Make sure the photo is taken in good lighting (outdoor daylight is best)
• Make sure the photo is not blurry
• Make sure no features (e.g. ears!) are out of frame – we can’t add them if they aren’t in the original photo
• Ensure that the fur color in the photo is not affected by bad lighting.
We conduct a photo check for every new order we receive and will email you if we need a different one. But it’s best to take matters in to your own hands and ensure you upload the best photo you have.
If we do need a new photo from you, this may lengthen your delivery time by a few days.
Please note that if you refuse to provide a replacement after we have informed you that the original photo may not result in quality, then we cannot refund you. It’s your responsibility to ensure that you are happy with the photo you provide.
Note that is is the customer’s responsibility to provide a high quality photo and although we do review orders, it is not our responsibility to chase you for a better photo. Low quality photos will not result in a high spec design that we show on site. All examples on our website were produce using high quality photos.

Does it matter if my photo has stuff in the background?

No this shouldn’t matter. Don’t worry if there’s a lot of stuff in the background.

Are those artworks are hand drawn?

Yes, Every artwork is hand-painted/ drawn by our highly talented artist.

Can I change my order?

You can change your order for 24 hours. If you placed your order more than 24 hours ago, we can’t guarantee that we can change it.

Can you change the background color?

Yes in case of the color option you can mention a color shade of your choice,
But better if you leave this part to our expert artist, they know which color to use according to your photographs.


What are the shipping times and prices?

Most orders are generally produced and ready to ship within 2- 5 days for artwork on paper, and 15 – 20 days for artworks on canvas
Up to 4 working days of transit time.

I ordered multiple products in one order, will they arrive together?

Usually yes, you will receive all items in one parcel. Sometimes one piece of art is completed a day or two before the other in the order. In these cases, we ship out the completed artwork in one parcel and then send the other once it’s ready.

Will I receive a tracking number?

Yes, you will get a tracking number. We pride ourselves on outstanding customer support and total transparency about your order status. We’ll email you your tracking number as soon as it’s available.

My tracking number isn't working!

Please don’t worry. Send us an email and we’ll let you know exactly where your parcel is.

My order was returned to sender. Can you send it back out to me please?

Yes, no problem.
Please note that in these cases we cannot offer any compensation due to late delivery. Return to sender/shipping failure situations occurs when the shipping address is incomplete or incorrect. If this is our fault we will reimburse you the shipping fee and re-send your parcel. If the customer provided the wrong information at checkout we are sadly unable to reimburse any costs, but of course, will still re-ship your order once we receive a correct address from you.
If your order was returned to sender just reach out to us and we’ll arrange to have it re-shipped. Most of the time we will ask for a new shipping address and/or contact number to ensure that it gets delivered successfully this time around.

Returns/ Refunds

Do you offer refunds?

As your order is 100% unique and custom made for you, we cannot offer refunds. If you have a problem with your final product, please email us and we’ll do our best to make sure you’re happy.
If you received an incorrect or damaged item, let us know and we’ll send out a replacement as fast as possible! Note that while we do not refund faulty orders, we do replace them as quick as we can.

What if I don't like the artwork?

We are dedicated to ensuring you’re happy with the final product. If you don’t like it for any reason, please reach out to our support team at support@delhiportrait.com and we’ll do our best to help you.
If you’re unhappy with the artwork specifically, we’ll check to see if you submitted a photo that follows our photo tips. If you didn’t follow our guides I’m afraid it’s likely we can’t help you.
Make sure you provide a clear, high-quality photo of your pet taken in good lighting. If the photo isn’t high quality, your artwork might not be either.

My order arrive damaged, what do I do?

Please contact us as soon as you notice the damage and/or defect. We will offer you a replacement and send it out to you as fast as we can.

Can I cancel my order if I change my mind?

We accept all cancellation requests made within 24 hours of placing the order, no questions asked.
Any cancellation request sent after this 24-hour window will be accepted at our discretion. If accepted, you will be subject to a 40% cancellation fee. This is because your artist will have been assigned and will have already spent time working on your artwork by this point.

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