Portrait From Photos

1. Charcoal Portrait

Getting a painting with Charcoal Portrait is started from the Stone Age. People of Stone Age living in caves used to draw with charcoal or coal to describe stories and events. It would be a hot topic and center of attraction for your guests if you place self-portrait or your loved ones’ portrait on the wall of the home.

2. Oil Portrait

The Oil Portrait painting is the most ancient and traditional portrait painting method. It has been using since when the camera is not invented even. Making a portrait with oil painting is a task of patience and hard labor. It takes at least 15-20 days. But it is more long-lasting than any other method of portrait making. Artist Sanjay Das has made many oil portraits, still, life landscapes painting during his tenure. Charcoal and dry brush methods take less time so it’s obvious he has done more work with these techniques. A colored oil portrait can be made from a black & white photograph but for this, details like hair color, eye color should be given. It is made in two ways, classic and modern. On this page, different types of oil portrait samples are given. Please have a look!

3. Dry-Brush Portrait

The Dry-Brush technique is one of the modern techniques in the world of portraits. Oil paint is used on watercolor paper  In dry brush portrait technique. More smoothness and photograph look is created than charcoal portrait. That’s why dry brush portrait technique is becoming popular among people. To have a look, feel and finishing of these portraits, please browse the given below samples.

4. Color Pencil Portrait

The Color Pencil Portrait is actually an advance style of pencil portrait, people who actually can’t think anything without color, this category is favorite of them. Our Artist creates layer by layer with one after one masterstroke of the pencil.

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